Business Owners

If you do not have a Harvard MBA, you are not alone. Most successful entrepreneurs started out with what seemed like a good idea and ended up running a business of their own.

How can you learn to manage the business side of business? Read, study, ask lots of questions, and seek out sound advice from your tax, legal and financial advisors. You can also turn to us to discuss how the insurance and financial products that we offer can help you support your business growth plan.

Passing on Your Business

Think of it as passing the baton...

As a business owner, you are the lifeblood of your organization, the driving force behind its success. Have you considered what will happen to your business when you are ready to retire? Do you have children or other family members ready to continue the family business? Or is there another successor in line who will be able to pick up the reins? If you died prematurely or became disabled, will the business you worked so hard to build be able to continue...and will your family be financially provided for?

Retirement and Estate Planning

You don't have to retire! That's one of the nice perks of being self-employed or a business owner. You're a doer. You like to make decisions and see results. But maybe someday — perhaps when you're 65, 75 or older — you just might want the option to trade the fun and frustration of work for golf, gardening, vacationing with the grandkids or sitting back and relaxing with family and friends. Just as important, you also want to have all your ducks in a row, so to speak, when it comes to making sure your loved ones are well provided for in the future.

Neither of these goals just happens. It is the result of planning, of decisions you make today. Because, as the old saying goes: Those who fail to That means retirement planning and estate planning...mapping out a strategy to create options for you and for your family.


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